Fishing: Our rivers are full of trout. We are situated in the Drakensberg area and have excellent trout streams. We have two dams on a farm and a total of 30 km of river.

Hunting: We offer Partridge as well as Rhebuck hunting in a land that embraces a wealth of beautiful fauna and flora. There is a large area of land available for hunting, so you wont be disappointed. Janbert will be your personal guide, together with his trained pointer Tom. We guarantee an unforgettable experience and an enjoyable hunt.

Snow: The peak surrounding the village of Rhodes are often covered in snow during June and July to the middle of August. We also offer skiing at a nearby ski resort.

What to do in Rhodes?

1. Drive to Naudesnek. 8600 feet above sea level . The flowers are at their best in December to February. Several special species of bird, i.e. Bearded Vulture (an endangered specie), Drakensberg Siskin, Drakensberg Rockjumper, Sentinal Rock Thrush and Black Eagles.

2. Drive up to Tiffindell Ski Resort, with all their varied activities. Climb Ben McDhui peak, the second highest in South Africa.

3. Take the circle drive via Naudesnek to Maclear, Ugie, Elliot and Barkly East & back to Rhodes spectacular scenery.

4. Drive to Maartenshoek. See the lovely rocks, similar to Golden Gate. A visit to the cave at Maartensdell or Longholm, by appointment only.

5. Visit the rock paintings at Buttermead farm. By appointment only.

6. Drive to Bastervoetpad between here and Ugie. Much better than the Valley of a Thousand Hills. Dec. - Feb. the flowers are lovely.

7. You can also drive circle from there to Elliot, Barkly East or Maclear via Naudesnek back to Rhodes.

8. Go for nice short walks or do the BenMac Hiking Trail which takes three days.

9. Come and enter the running marathon in July. Or the Mountain Bike Marathon in October.

10. Horse Riding.

11. 4X4 vehicles are the best vehicle for your trip to Rhodes.

Relax as much as you can, remember you are going back to the ratrace where you come from . . .

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